Lets start from the beginning (sorta) I can fill in all bits later but here is where it begins.

I was a strange kid who was a little too serious and a little too day-dreamy, sitting in a tree was my religion, Mr. Rogers was my favorite teacher, Jim Henson was my idol, I taught myself to read at the age of 3 or 4 (depending who you ask) and thank you Sesame Street. I loved the smell of crayons, Play-doh, bread baking, vanilla extract, and violets. I was always making stuff. I loved to make forts and miniature worlds for make believe miniature people that I imagined came alive at night. I liked dolls, I made doll hospitals (I wanted to be a doctor). I made dolls out of anything I had.

My grandfather once told me I was an artist, I didn't know exactly what that meant until later in my life.

I've had many incarnations, I started off being a (very) young wife and mother, then I went to nursing school. I dropped out and became a surgical technician in Labor and Delivery. I would later become a volunteer fire fighter, a Family Health Advocate, an art student then a mom again. I would open an art studio when we moved back home to Northern California, I would lose a child, fall apart, work through my grief and honor her by opening a gift store filled with handmade things my daughter would have loved. I then had a baby late in life. I celebrated his arrival by writing and illustrating a children's book about his journey home.

One day two years ago a friend asked if I would make her a reborn doll, her arms were empty she needed something to hold, although understood I was reluctant, I had no idea where to start and didn't think it was something I could do. After a little research I decided to give it a try, just once, just for her.

My first baby was interesting, my second, third and fourth I sold to pay for the supplies I purchased (it is an expensive hobby). The response to the babies was positive, and I found myself slipping down a rabbit hole. I took a six month break to travel with my son who is a musician (Noah Mac). When we got home I decided to clean up my studio and put the "dollies" away but first I would finish the few that were on my workbench collecting dust. I am not sure what happened but I decided that I would not only keep going but would create Saint Cloud Nursery.

Here I am a year later in my studio making babies, not something I planned, not something I imagined, but it kinda makes sense in way that is both obvious and a little confusing.

I love my job.

I still write and illustrate, I still make all kinds of things, because it's just who I am (my grandfather was right) but I also make babies that help people hold on to hope, hold on to memory, heal grief and loneliness. I make babies that calm and comfort, that bring joy and happiness. I am still that strange kid who loves trees and clay, who loves to read and create. You never know where where you are going to land but when you look back it all makes sense, it all comes full circle.