So you want to make a baby?

You Tube?

Giving a little back, new tutorial on the way.

I have been asked and asked and now I am answering...Yes.

I am just starting and this is all very new for me so it is taking a little longer than I thought, You Tube is a bit of a learning curve and I am in no way a tech savvy girl. I did manage to get my phone on a tripod and film myself making some babies. I am in the process of editing it down then I will post them on You Tube, my goal is to have them up by the first week of June.

This is a very basic beginners series. I take you from getting your box in the mail to finishing touches. If this is well received I will continue with a hair painting tutorial and other reborn related tutorials and chats. I also have a couple ideas that include creating sweet little things to fill up your nursery.

I am a professional working artist but on my down time I like making things just for fun and I thought it would be kinda cool to take you along for the ride if you need a little company in your studio or if you just love reborns and want a little behind the scenes peek.

You tube: Saint Cloud Nursery