Its a wrap

Tutorials are published

It took a little while but I was able to finish filming, editing, and publishing the first series of tutorials to You Tube.

It took a little time but the first series of reborn tutorials is complete. I created them in little 15 minute bites , 14 episodes total. This series is intended for the beginning reborn arts or for those very curious about how the babies they love are created. I try to use what the beginner would have on hand (most suppliers sell a beginner kit with just the basics). My goal was for it to be a casual sit down, low stress, keep it easy, have fun, no bells and whistles tutorial. Now I have lots of requests for more and I am more than happy to keep it going. My next mini-series is an alternative baby! It won't be posted for a while, I need to get back in the studio (and off the computer) and get some babies made! I hope you enjoy them. You Tube/ Saint Cloud.

I never thought I would say this but "Support your content providers and like, subscribe, comment" Creating these videos was a labor of love.