Hello silicone

bringing in 2019

What is new in the studio...

I started 2020 off with emergency surgery. No worries it all went well and every single thing fell into place perfectly. It was pretty scary but I am very grateful for good doctors, a great hospital and emergency team, and mostly to the people who donate blood. I required six units of blood, that mean a whole lotta people who took time off from their busy day to donate blood without any compensation saved my life. If you are donor thank you, it matters, if you are not consider it. An hour of your time could be the difference between life and death. Thank you again donors, oh and did I thank blood donors?

You can hear more about that story on my You Tube channel: Saint Cloud Nursery if you are interested.

After I recovered (which didn't take long) I moved studios, I felt I needed more light so I cleared out a room I created a while back in the sunroom at the back of my house and moved my whole studio in. It took a couple days of hard work and I had to bribe my boys a little but we got it done. I love it, so much natural light. Even though my studio is not technically a part of my house I feel more present. I am able to hear everything going on around me, I can watch my little play in his sandbox or on the trampoline, I can watch the seasons change from outside all my windows, I love it. One of the best perks is I have easy access to the house, kitchen and I don't feel so secluded.

I didn't stop there!

I just ordered my first four silicone sculpts. They are simple artist made sculpts, one full body three partial. I am so excited. I have so many requests for silicone. I have been putting it off hoping to get some sculpting of my own in but I am so pressed for time (and its only February). I knew if I didn't dive into the deep end I would just keep putting it off so I bought the babies.

I will start painting mid March. As my silicone skills improve I will begin offering custom silicone painting.

As a rule I don't do customs because I save my customs spots for the film and advertising industry. The production schedules are tight and I like to be able to meet my deadlines stress free. I have decided that I will free up time for custom silicone painting so that I can do a lot more painting and progress faster . I really want to make the best silicone babies I can, they are sooooo precious.

If you are interested shoot me an email and we can get you in the schedule. I can commit to two a month at this time. You will need to have your baby poured with your favorite silicone artist, that can take several weeks, and as soon as it is shipped to me I can get started. With custom work I ask that if you are choosing me as an artist it is because you like my work, appreciate my style. We will work together as a team but I ask that you trust my skills as an artists. I can not and will not try to replicate any other artists work. I am not available to repair another artists work. I may include rooting services if time allows.

Vinyl babies are being adopted and everyone seems happy. Ironically I have yet to see another reborn aside from the ones I create, I am pretty excited for The International Expo this year, I can see and touch and hold all those babies! I can't wait to meet forum friends, other artists, collector friends.

I will say I am not excited about the long drive but I will have road trip companions and have a few stops along the way that should be interesting. My little and I signed up for a couple of events and he is excited to meet other littles who will be there. Hopefully we can squeeze in a good hiking tour.

My table will 339 I believe, come by and hang out a minute if you will be at the show.

2020 started off with some excitement and it just keeps delivering. I have a good feeling about this year.