Why, why , and why?

There are two responses to reborns, yes only two, one is "Oh my gawd it has to be real, can I hold it?" and the other is "On no, that is just way too creepy I don't like it. Almost everyone asks "what is up with these dolls?"

Lets time travel way back to the late 80's (it may go back further but I haven't met anyone with a good story before that time) someone decided they wanted to create a doll that was more "realistic" so they pulled out the things that they had access to and began to tinker (isn't this how all cool things begin?) They used nail polish remover to get rid of factory paint and acrylic and oil paint, nail polish, and cosmetics to give dolls a life like skin tone . Dolls were weighted with rocks, aquarium pebbles, and sand. Human, acrylic, and animal hair were rooted with felting needles. Then someone started sculpting, someone else started refining, and then the babies began to look a little more like the dolls we see now. Each reborn artist learned from the artist around them. Fast forward and here we are with thousands of sculpts to choose from, the finest mohair, specialty paints and varnishes, companies awesome supplies, trade shows, forums, and still we are learning and getting closer to perfection.

As the dolls became more visible (thank you internet) and more available we started noticing the emotional response they had when people held them. When someone holds a reborn something interesting happens, you feel calm, you begin to sway, everything else around you seems to blur just a bit.

Collectors started appreciating the artistry, memory homes started integrating them for therapy, tweens who were nurturers fell in love, and they became a comfort to those who had experienced loss.

Why are they so expensive?

The short answer is "they are expensive to make" Most of that cost is in the time it takes to make one of these babies. Sculpt prices vary anywhere from 39.00 to 1200.00. Some are limited and sold out making them very hard to find while others are classics and show up in almost everyone's collection.

It takes hours to paint a baby, each layer has to cure (air or heat set) most babies have a minimum of twenty very thin layers while others have many more. Layers are what give babies depth and the illusion that they are alive, skin, capillaries, veins, scratches, tears...every tiny detail done with a brush and an artists hand.

Rooting babies is an art and not all reborn artists do it well. Each hair is individually placed strand by stand with a needle, each going in a planned direction. It can take up to two weeks to complete a newborn head. Eyelashes are also placed one strand at a time. The finest mohair available is used, and it is sold by the ounce, it can be very expensive.

Hair painting is it's own art form. You are painting on a 3D surface trying to create the illusion of real hair and a real hair pattern. It takes layers and layers of paint with subtle shade difference. The paint is then textured and sealed. The artist may root on top of that hair for thickness and depth.

When you invest in a baby you are also investing in an artist and their skills.

Do they eat and drink and poop?

No. Would you really want them to?

Can I give my baby a bath?

Not vinyl reborns. You will find some amazing silicone dolls being made that can be submerged in water but these new dolls are still a work in progress and can cost thousand of dollars.

My Tween wants one of these babies, I am worried will this make her want a real baby?

Some kids are just born nurturing and develop even stronger maternal instincts at puberty. Many teens and tweens crave a reborn and I think it is a combination of childhood and mommy-hood that makes them fall in love with these dolls. It is really up to you and your family, how you feel, what you believe is the right way to proceed but I think these dolls satisfy a baby ache. So far I can not find any studies that show that reborn dolls are a gateway to teen pregnancy. I am not a psychology expert just a baby maker.

Is this a fetish, it is kinda creepy?

NO. reborns are not meant to be and are not designed to be.

What is a box opening?

Reborn artists use to offer baby gifts as a surprise "thank you" little by little people started expecting the gifts, asked what gifts they would be getting, and some even requesting the kind of gifts they wanted. Most reborn artists provide a basic box opening that includes an extra outfit, a diaper, a pacifier, a blanket. Some dolls still come with layettes. Here at Saint Cloud we do a basic box opening that is lovely for gift giving.

What if my baby arrives and I have changed my mind, don't like the baby or just can't bond with it.

It can happen. This is why I ask everyone to be very sure, research, shop around, make sure this is a good time for you financially. I will keep making babies and there is no shortage of babies or artists. Don't feel rushed. Saint Cloud does not offer refunds, returns, exchanges. Our babies are only put up for adoption one time so you can be sure the baby you get is all yours.

You can always gift or re-sell your baby but you must disclose that you are not the artist but the original owner. Some clients gift babies to nursing homes when they no longer need their baby, this is such a beautiful gift and brings so much happiness.

-We do buy back babies that have been in films and plays or are used for a commercial. These babies are cared for by prop masters, and are returned in perfect condition. These babies are used for a very short time for one particular project. If we do place these babies in our nursery we disclose fully and we adjust the price fairly.

Why can't children play with Reborns?

They can but they are not made for kids, most especially small children and babies. These are art dolls, they are not tested for safety, they have small parts, are often heavy. They also require gentle handling. It is up to every parent to decide for themselves but Saint Cloud babies are never intended for small children.

Can I get one for free?


We do have organizations we have chosen where we do donate babies.

We love the Make-A-Wish and we are happy to work with a liasion at the foundation

I want you to make me a custom doll!

At this time I am not making custom babies. I do custom work for film and television, they have tight production schedules and I need to stay open for that.

I love to make babies, I work organically and just make babies I love and hope someone else will fall in love too.

Hey I keep finding a bunch of reborns for 89.00 on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, whats up with that?

I can get pretty heated on this subject. China is mass producing dolls that they sell online and in stores. They offer them at rock-bottom prices because they are made in quantity at a factory, and are not great quality. I would not call these reborn dolls, and you must be very careful many of these sites are cheating customers.

At this time there is a marketing campaign that is all over social media and is targeting doll collectors. This was started summer of 2019 by a company in Hong Kong that is not only using stolen photos and video's to market babies but are actually creating babies with stolen knock-off sculpts. These babies are of very low quality and not what is promised, they are using beautiful photos and videos of dolls that are made by talented professional doll artists without permission to trick people into thinking this is what they will be receiving, they will not.

Doll artist lost a lot of money, business and were hurt by this dishonesty. There was nothing we could do. We did our best and continue to do our best to educated who we can, we reported them to Social Media Platforms, the Better Business Bureau, and the FTC, we have not been able to stop them. They are one company operating under about fifty names as the time I am writing this.

These companies are also marketing them as silicone reborn dolls. They are not. These dolls are no different than a doll you can pick up at any store.

I guess what upsets me most about this is that someone who doesn't know may think they are getting a really great deal for themselves or someone they love who really wants a reborn and there is always feelings that are hurt, people feel cheated.

There is also the damage this has done to the reborn artist community and how it has damaged this art form. My hope is that people will do their research before buying.

Is this a vinyl or silicone or a silicone vinyl mix?

These are vinyl babies, some are softer than others but they are not silicone or a mix (chemically doesn't work that way) Silicone is super floppy and rubbery, very life like, it is amazing but it is also a VERY expensive medium to work with. Silicone dolls run thousands of dollars and require very special care.

Are people going to think I am crazy?


There are also going to be people who wish they had one.

If you are the kind of person who cares what people think keep your baby private. The rest of us show off our babies, and know we are in good company, the reborn community is amazing and loving, and tight.

If you have any other questions you need answered go ahead and contact me at Saintcloudnursery.com