Four Thirty

Early mornings...

Studio catch up

Summer is here which means my little is home all day, sprinklers are on, we are busy, sometimes lazy, and always there are a million projects to get done. This year we a rebuilding my son's studio in our backyard. The old studio was a garden shed, small, adorable, not the most practical place for making music but it worked. Time and weather took its toll on the tiny building and with a heavy heart we had to tear it down. This time around we knew what we needed so we put in a bigger door, better insulation, tiny sound proof windows way up top. It takes up our backyard in an unattractive way but it's worth it.
While we are waiting for all the building to be done we have to live around sound stuff in the middle of our house, the pay off is that my day (sometimes my nights) are filled with music being created, and Noah's beautiful voice...I know it won't always be this way and I feel like one of the luckies people in the world.
We live in a messy creative home two studios, and office, and somewhere a kitchen and rooms where we sleep. This isn't your typical suburban house but I wouldn't want it any other way. We LIVE here, we make art and music, we cook for friends, we debate everything, argue about politics and whose job it is to fold towels...
I neglected my garden this year, didn't plot and plan, I just let the things that grow there grow, the rosemary, thyme, oregano ,mint, sage and rhubarb. I gave the soil a rest, mostly because there wasn't time to put in the early girl tomatoes,Japanese eggplant, parsley, spinach, and radishes. I had to let a lot of things "just be" this year so we could construct and swim and I could fit in some studio time.
I get up at 4:30 am to paint. It is still dark, very quiet and early in the morning. I need to get a couple hours of art time in before the day starts for the family and in the summer the kids sleep in a little later but once they are up I am on their schedule full time.
This year I made a decision to put my time and energy where it most deserved to be kids, art, and me, in that order, everything else gets done when it does. My house is a mess, the bills are not getting paid exactly on time, my car hasn't been washed for two months, my flower beds need weeding, there are chores that forgotten and guess what? I am happier.
This week in the studio I am finishing up five babies, repairing four, and getting three more ready for photo shoots. I have a couple orders to take to the post office, new baby clothes to sort and put away, perfume ready to decant and bottle and sculpting to begin.
I have decided to sculpt an elf and if things go as planned (and they may or may not) I plan to make a mold and try my hand at pouring this baby in silicone. It"s a big deal and I am nervous about it I am stepping way out of my comfort zone. I studied art, I majored in sculpture but I have never been interested in realism. In college life drawing was my least favorite class. I am a figurative artist but I love the figure as subject and form. Hyper realism always made my brain hurt I would have never guessed that 20 years later I would be making these babies.
My elf is going to be a hybrid, all imagination but I will have to confront realism, I am ready, fingers crossed.

Summer will fly by (it always does) and our schedules will change, days will get shorter, all this sun will turn into cooler days, naked trees, and walks to school. i will get more studio time but less hanging out with my boys time so I need to make these weeks count.
Well the sun is coming up and the sky is getting lighter, I have two babies in the Nuwave cooling that need another layer of paint and only a couple hours before breakfast needs to be made and swimming begins so I better get back to work...