Caring for you baby

Now that your baby is home...

Our babies will arrive with:

-A soft nursery blanket (it will be new or a Vintage Cradle blanket from our vintage stash)

-Dressed in a diaper, a t-shirt, footed pajamas

-Wearing a hat (and a net if they have rooted hair or a headband

-A coming home outfit (most times what they were photographed in)

-A birth certificate, COA (if it came with that kit), a newborn hospital bracelet

-A magnified Pacifier (if baby is magnetized)

-Mohair conditioner sample (if they are rooted)

Caring for you baby

Babies have been tossed around a bit during shipping, if they are rooted they will need their hair styled. Mohair is real hair and needs careful care. It can tear, break, and be pulled out with brushing and combing after time. It can tangle easily. You will need to use a warm water spritz and a mohair conditioning spray to style and gently detangle. We recommend a soft newborn hair brush. We don not recommend the use of hair gels or sprays on reborns.

Your baby may have glass beads that have settled and may feel unevenly weighted. You can turn your baby upside down and gently massage beads until they feel evenly distributed. The beads in the limbs and head won't require any special attention but the stocking(s) inside the body can settle during shipping and after time in one position.

Our babies wear real clothes size will depend on the size of the baby, most of our babies wear Newborn to 0-3 months. We will let you know what size clothing your baby wears before we ship so you can shop while you are waiting. The clothing your baby arrives in will be new (usually pre-washed to removed sizing and make them soft) or vintage cradle (from our vintage stash).

Your baby will be signed and have a Saint Cloud Nursery tag near its bottom. This is to let you know that this is an authentic hand made baby created here in our studio by our our artist.

Our babies have vinyl heads and limbs and soft cloth bodies filled with micro glass bead stockings and polyester fibers. They are not waterproof and should never be submerged in water. They can be gently washed with a white washcloth dipped in warm water to remove and dirt or dust build up. Please do not use alcohol, nail polish remover, harsh chemicals or soaps to clean babies, this may cause paint to be removed or damage the vinyl.

Please keep your baby out of direct sunlight for extended periods of time, outings are fine. Babies should be stored in a warm, dry place.

Babies can be damaged easily and most times can be easily repaired, please contact so we can send you simple repair instructions or schedule a repair with our restoration artist.

Our babies usually come lightly scented. If that scent starts to fade we offer our signature baby perfume , one spritz to cloth body and diaper will refresh your baby. We also offer other soft scents we have created here that are equally pleasant (our mommies use them too). Our perfumes are not designed for biological babies or children. Perfumes can be found at FEATHER YOUR NEST.

Our babies are not designed for nor are they intended for babies or small Children. Please do not place a reborn in a the crib or bed of a baby or small child. Please don't leave a reborn with a small child or baby unattended.

Please feel free to CONTACT US with any questions you may have, you can also check out our blog where you might find some useful information.

If your baby arrives damaged (and so far it has never happened) please CONTACT US.

Damages resulting from rough handling, normal wear, or accidents are the responsibility of the client.

Pets are attracted to reborns, please keep your baby safely away from pets.

And last...our babies look very real. You may not want to leave your baby in a car, we have had cars broken into by well meaning people and police officers thinking that a living child has been left unattended. We also recommend checking in with people before showing them your baby, our babies can trigger emotions in some people especially moms who have experienced loss. For the most part our babies elicit a very positive response and if you are out with your baby expect a lot of attention.