So you logged on to Saint Cloud Nursery and read about our Baby Roo and thought, have they gone crazy what the heck is this?

Take a deep breath, this is fun, that is all it is.

Reborns are collected by all kinds of people for all kinds of reasons, one of the most common is that these babies are so damn beautiful, they really are. The really cool thing about a community built around art dolls is that there is very little judgement. Our clients range from six to 90 years old, which proves people love dolls and they never stop loving them.

We do have role playing clients who still love to do what they did when they were kids and enjoy cuddling, naming, dressing, buying for, and simply surrounding themselves with all this babyness. It is no different than people who still enjoy the sports and hobbies that they did when they were younger. Who says that play has to stop once we hit a certain age.

Women (starting very early) usually have a strong nurturing instinct, when we are parenting, around children, around pets, or around these dolls we make oxytocin, it is a bonding hormone. It gives us a sense of well being and calm, it heightens the love and tenderness we feel toward the people around us. This is why these dolls are so successful when used for therapy.

All that being said we have clients who give a lot of thought to finding the perfect reborn. We have clients who have emailed us and say "I can't wait for my baby to arrive this feels like I am waiting for a real baby." They shop, they prepare they anxiously await.