Baby ROO

a unique reborn mommy experience

Everyone loves a surprise. There is something magical about anticipation most especially when you are waiting for something wonderful. At Saint Cloud Nursery we have come up with a little idea that may make adopting a reborn a little more fun, interactive, and exciting.

Starting this spring we will be choosing one mommy a month to receive a Baby Roo.

We will start out by sending anyone interested a short form that will help us to get to know you a little better. If you are chosen you will receive confirmation of "pregnancy" via mail. There will be a short wait while we create your baby. Just like in real life you will not know anything about your baby, only that it is on the way.

Your baby will arrive one day when you least expect it. Your baby will be in a wearable cocoon, this cocoon will be gently stitched so that your baby is safe inside.

You can wear your baby in the privacy of your own home, we kinda suspect our You Tube friends may film their Roo fun

, and maybe reborn moms will share the experience with each other, we will leave all that up to you.

You will receive information when labor will begin it will be a complete surprise (don't worry you won't have to wait nine months) and we hope the waiting is fun. We will provide you with information about how to safely "deliver your baby".

While you are waiting for instruction you can prepare and shop for your baby.

On Delivery day you will get to meet your baby for the first time, have the gender revealed (there will be a small package to be opened on delivery day that will reveal gender).

We hope the element of surprise and discovery will make adopting your reborn even more special.

We realize this isn't for everyone and it is meant to be fun and entertaining. This experience is intended for adults but we will leave it up to parents to decide if this is the right choice for a teen or tween. A parent will have to purchase Baby Roo for anyone under 18.

Contact us if you are interested and we will email you an

Adoption Application