All these babies

baby updates

So many babies, so little time.

There is so much happening in the studio.

I want to let everyone know I am in full production mode. I feel like I am spending every waking moment in the studio. I am gearing up for Tedx here in Northern California where I am was invited to show and speak about the babies. I am taking Americus and Evelyn brace with me. The babies will be displayed to be held and cuddled. The theme this year is "what if.."

What if a child's play thing could lower your stress level, calm your body, cause you to make oxytocin and feel at peace and your cause an elevation in your mood? What if this toy could reduce anxiety, depression and confusion in a person with dementia? What if it could help a mother through her grief? What if the weight of this baby helped a kid on the spectrum sleep better?

I am very excited. These babies were originally made just for the challenge of seeing if it can be done, then to see if we could do it better, then they were collected,, then they became a fringe fascination, then used for therapy. They have had quite an evolution and I am pretty excited to be part of it.

In July I will jump in my Jeep and make the long (looooong) drive to Utah where I will participate in the International Doll Show. Honestly I am not a big fan of doll shows, I don't like crowds, I don't like vending...but I am pretty happy to being going to this show to meet some of the women who have been collecting my babies and other artists who I have become friends with over the last two years. Most importantly (and it is kind of ironic) I want to see a real reborn doll in person. Yep, I have never seen another doll in person (aside from my own).

Honestly not a lot of people who know me know that I do this. For a long time I kept it a secret hobby then little by little I came out and it has been a lot of fun, and I really like the reactions to the babies, it doesn't matter if they are put off by them or falling all over them, it is the same for me, "I have done my job". My job is to create the illusion of realism, my job is that moment of "wait that isn't real?" that is the sweet spot for me. What comes after that isn't really my business but I love it just the same.

There will not be as many babies in the nursery, I will still list them but I must hold a bulk of them back for the show. I have film project babies that need to be completed on top of that, if only I had four more arms and six more hours in the day I could rule the world (or be less tired at the end of the day).

You will be seeing more babies with deep skin tones, a few more AA babies. I have had a lot of requests for ethnic babies and combi-rooted/painted hair so I am giving it a go and seeing what we get, so far they seem pretty adorable.

I have some Limited addition babies that I have been waiting to paint, the price for the limited edition babies will be a little higher just because the sculpts were more expensive and harder to find. I don't make babies to be traded, I understand people do this and that is cool, but I just buy sculpts that I really like or that find me in unusual ways. If they have a COA awesome, if they are one of a thousand awesome but I never choose them because of that.

I also buy sculpts that challenge me, odd vinyl color, funny looking features, skinny limbs, giant heads. I like to see what I can do with them. I think it is super interesting to google a sculpt after I am done and see how many different ways one sculpt can be interpreted.

Currently I am really interested in finding (or possibly sculpting myself) some special needs babies. Humans come in all different variations, sizes, shapes, colors, ability. I would like to make some super hero babies. I find all humans interesting and beautiful and I want to celebrate that.